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COVID-19 UPDATE Our thoughts go out to all that are being impacted by COVID-19. With a team dedicated to our response to this pandemic, we are meeting regularly to ensure the continuation of programs and services that allow our mission...

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40 Ways to Save the Whales on our 40th Anniversary

Pacific Whale Foundation

Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) was founded by Greg Kaufman 40 years ago with the primary goal of saving humpback whales, which were dangerously close to extinction in 1980. Now, our mission is to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and inspire...

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World Whale Film Festival logo

World Whale Film Festival 2020

Pacific Whale Foundation

The 4th annual World Whale Film Festival is here! This event has proven to be a lasting and powerful addition to our Maui Whale Festival. The Film Festival promotes visual storytellers who are passionate about our oceans and tell powerful...

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40th annual Maui Whale Festival logo

Welcome to a Reimagined Whale Day in 2020!

Pacific Whale Foundation

Whale Day has been one of the most popular Maui community events, dating back to 1980, and is always a special occasion, but this year’s Whale Day celebration is special for a few reasons.   Whale Day began as a way for the founder of...

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Maui Whale Festival parade

Maui Whale Festival is fun for the entire family!

Pacific Whale Foundation

Each year since 1980, Pacific Whale Foundation puts on the Maui Whale Festival, a series of events throughout the month of February to celebrate and educate about the marine animal they have been working for the past 40 years to...

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Embrace the Rains of Maui

Pacific Whale Foundation

Guest post by international award-winning astronomy writer and speaker Harriet Witt, your guide to the stars onboard our Sunset & Celestial Cruise. Featured image from Selket Kaufman Psst! You… yeah you… are a passenger on a planet… on a blue-green...

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PWF Education: Year in Review

Pacific Whale Foundation

Submitted by PWF Education Manager Robyn EhrlichWhat has our education team been up to this year? Well, we’ve had another successful year of our tried and true programs: Ocean Camp, Keiki Whalewatch, and now Plastic Pollution Solutions. We’ve also begun to work...

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Christmas Critters

Pacific Whale Foundation

Happy Holidays from Pacific Whale Foundation! Everyone is in the holiday spirit, including some of our underwater friends ;) Did you know that there is marine life found in the waters of Maui whose names are holiday inspired? Here are...

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2019 PWF Research Accomplishments

Pacific Whale Foundation

With the support of passengers, members and donors, the year 2019 has been a busy and successful one for the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Research Department - both on a local and global scale. All of our accomplishments during the past...

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Pacific Whale Foundation Holiday Gift Guide

Pacific Whale Foundation

Tis the season to think of others and the ways in which we show our appreciation for them being in our lives. Many of us try to accomplish this goal with considerate gifts. We have compiled a list of gift ideas...

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Our thoughts go out to all that are being impacted by COVID-19. With a team dedicated to our response to this pandemic, we are meeting regularly to ensure the continuation of programs and services that allow our mission work to continue.

Pacific Whale Foundation’s leadership team is closely monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

The role that our organization plays in keeping people connected for the sake of the environment is incredibly important in times like these. If we all take the proper precautions and continue to treat each other with kindness and care, we’ll get through this together.

How is PacWhale Eco-Adventures addressing COVID-19?

-Following guidance from Hawaii State and County officials, PacWhale is suspending Eco Tours and our Retail Store operations from March 20th – April 30th. 

- To support our employees, we are offering paid, temporary emergency sick leave, restricting all non-essential business travel, deep cleaning work areas, offering teleworking and flexible work schedules, and continuing to communicate updates and reinforce good hygiene practices.

How is Pacific Whale Foundation addressing COVID-19?

-Spring Break Ocean Camp has been cancelled.

-Keiki Whalewatches are being cancelled for the remainder of the season.

- Our marine research and conservation programs will continue to run without disruption.